Incorporating Collagen Into Your Everyday Life

Looking To Reduce Signs of Aging and Feel Great?

Woman with good skin after using collagen powder

Interested in maintaining the appearance of healthy skin? How about growing long hair and nails? We thought so! Recently, the craze has been focused around a supplement known as collagen, which may be consumed in order to maintain a youthful look. Before we continue to discuss the product, let’s take a step back to learn exactly what it is. 

What is Collagen?

The most abundant protein in our body known as collagen resides in ⅓ of the human body acting as a building block for our bones, teeth, muscles, joints, and connective tissues. With a variety of  types, the positive side effects of this substance seem endless. Some of the most recorded outcomes include; 

  • Increased hair and nail growth 
  • Improved skin structure 
  • Reduced signs of aging 
  • Visible reduction in cellulite 
  • Faster metabolism

Healthy nails from collagen

As we begin to age, our collagen begins to decline, resulting in the look of saggy and wrinkled skin. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this concern and achieve firm skin for many years to come!

How Can I Maintain Collagen Production?

Wear Your Sunscreen

Although we all love the sun, harsh weather and sun exposure contribute to damaging our skin. These damaged skin cells then have to work hard in order to become replaced, ultimately reducing our collagen levels. A solution to combat these issues include; protecting your skin with a high-quality sunscreen, protecting your eyes with sunglasses, and regularly washing your face. 

Incorporate Antioxidants 

An antioxidant known as retinol has the potential to boost collagen levels in our skin and aid in cell turnover. This may then be used to block any destroyers of enzymes, increasing the lifespan. Other helpful antioxidants include; blueberries, green tea, cinnamon, and our antioxidant resveratrol! Incorporating these products into your life will ensure your appearance remains youthful!

Blueberries produce collagen
Tea produces collagen
cinnamon produces collagen

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If you are currently looking for an easy way to maintain your body’s collagen, additives may be a helpful alternative. Also, since supplements can easily be incorporated into a lifestyle, consumers are able to feel confident knowing they are taking care of themselves without too much hassle!

What Product Do We Suggest?

Say hello to your new best friend! DermaNiche’s Pure Collagen Powder brings users a natural (gluten and dairy-free), 100% Canadian, neutral-tasting product that has the ability to accomplish all the positive outcomes mentioned above. Only made from VERISOL B (Bioactive, Purified Peptides), consumers can feel safe using this supplement in their everyday routines. 

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Dermaniche Collagen

How Can You Use Collagen In Your Daily Routine?

After purchasing the DermaNiche Pure Collagen Powder, users have the ability to incorporate the anti-aging product without any effort. Thanks to their neutral taste and smell, consumers have the ability to add the soluble product into a glass of water, smoothie, or cup of coffee. Our quick tip is to add the powder before any liquid to ensure everything blends well!


Here are a few testimonials to help make this purchase easier …

“Great product for your collagen needs. The visible difference in the appearance of skin and hair. It can be dissolved in water or mixed with any other beverage. Dissolves quickly with no taste or flavor disruption to your drink. “

Adriana Paolella, Toronto

Pure Collagen Powder
Dermaniche Collagen

“Dermaniche Pure Collagen Powder is a must-have if you want stronger nails and hair. I use the powder in my coffee every single morning and I can actually notice a difference when I’m using it versus when I’m not using it. The product melts into the coffee without leaving a taste or any grittiness or texture issues. When I use it my nails manage to grow longer without breaking and my hair looks healthier as well. I actually call collagen my beauty secret because it’s just that effective. ”

Allyson Grabish, Ontario

Start looking out for your future self TODAY!


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