Glow Getters: An Influencer Through Inner Beauty

Being an influencer is about more than having a large social media presence or having a certain look. An influencer is about being able to take your personality online to personify positivity. You are able to inspire action, resonate with your audience, and embody the brands they promote. Now that we’ve established what a good influencer is, let’s discuss who a Glow Getter is, and what they do.

Who Is A Glow Getter?

In general, a Glow Getter is an influencer that supports the mission and values of DermaNiche. You use similar products, or have used DermaNiche before, and you would like to be an advocate. At its core, a Glow Getter can be anyone that radiates self-love, self-care, and inner beauty in their daily lives. A Glow Getter is an influencer that takes DermaNiche products and relates them back to their self-care routine. She, or even he, is an influencer that is more than just posting for profit. Glow Getter Influencers post because they want to display their strength and help instill the confidence in others.

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What Does A Glow Getter Influencer Do?

A Glow Getter will make social media posts on behalf of DermaNiche. These posts will embody the Glow Getter and DermaNiche. You can demonstrate your self-care methods, skin care routine, or just showing off their inner glow. Either way, we want to be tagged in it! In terms of quantity, you can post as much as you’d like! However, the more you post the better of the chances of increasing your compensation.


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Here Is One Of Our Amazing Glow Getters Posts!

Glow Getter

Check out Analucia Beltran here!

What Type Of Compensation Does A Glow Getter Receive?

There are 3 components of a Glow Getters compensation.

  1. All Glow Getters will be provided with an initial base gift card to DermaNiche once they have signed the Glow Getter contract.
  2. Each Glow Getter will be provided an affiliate code for 10% off DermaNiche products. Every 15 sales using your code will provide additional gift cards to your base.
  3. All Glow Getters will receive their spotlight and thereby promotional value on the DermaNiche Instagram and Facebook page.

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