Find Your Skin Type and How to Care for It

There are 5 general types of healthy skin, each with their own characteristics. To be able to care for your skin properly and realize its unique needs and requirements, it is crucial to first determine your basic skin type. The 5 types of skin are: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is not too dry or too oily. It has regular texture, even complexion, no glaring imperfections, a clean look, and is soft to the touch. It doesn’t have severe sensitivity and is relatively easy to care for and keep healthy.

Normal skin doesn’t usually require much specialized care. It can be generally maintained and remain healthy with the use of some basic skin care products. But normal skin can also benefit from natural, nourishing skincare products for an optimal, healthy glow.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is often caused by external factors such as cold weather, low humidity, and use of hot water. Dry skin can often be temporary, but for some people it occurs frequently and can be considered a lifelong condition. The danger of dry skin is that it can crack, which can expose it to bacteria and infections, and can even cause other skin disorders. Dry skin is characterized by a feeling of tightness and/or roughness and can also present as redness or discolouration.

Take special care of your dry skin by using mild soaps and cleansers, and avoiding scrubbing or otherwise irritating the skin. Help keep dry skin moisturized with rich, nourishing creams and lotions, crafted from natural ingredients, like our Saffron Facial Beauty Oil.

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Oily Skin

Oily Skin can often have a shiny and porous appearance. It can occur due to genetic or hormonal causes and is common in younger people and adults under 35. Oily skin can also be characterized by acne, enlarged pores, and other blemishes.

Take care of oily skin by using gentle cleansers, twice a day, and especially after physical activity or being out all day. Don’t scrub the skin and avoid damaging any pimples or other visible blemishes, as they will just take longer to heal. Look for naturally crafted, organic skincare products and cosmetics, free from harmful chemicals and pore-clogging substances.

Combination Skin

This skin type can be difficult to manage when you aren’t equipped with the proper tools! Combination skin can be normal or dry in some areas and oily in others, for example the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Many people have combination skin and it typically requires slightly different care for the different areas. Combination skin can have a shiny appearance with enlarged pores in the T-zone areas. And it can also have patches of dry and dull skin, with an irritated appearance, and be rough to the touch.

Help care for combination skin by using gentle cleansers and thoroughly washing the skin, especially around the areas that tend to be oily. And help keep the dry areas of the skin moisturized by using rich, but non-greasy lotions or creams that are high in nutrients and natural ingredients, but won’t clog pores and leave behind any residue.

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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is typically fragile skin, and is often adversely affected by stimuli to which normal skin has no reaction. This type of skin can also be irritated by external factors such as certain skin care products. Sensitive skin can become red, irritated, itchy, blemished, or overly dry and rough. This delicate skin loses its protective barrier, which makes it prone to microorganisms entering the skin, causing things like infections or allergic reactions.

Sensitive skin is delicate and needs special care. It is best to keep track of which products may be affecting your skin negatively and try to eliminate using them. It is also important to try and minimize sun exposure and always wear protective sunblock, if your skin is very sensitive and easily irritated. Just as important is staying hydrated and keeping your skin adequately moisturized to avoid drying out and irritation. Help soothe, heal, and refresh your skin with our luxurious, vegan Rose Water Facial Mist.

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Whatever type of skin you have, it is important to keep your skin protected and to properly care for it. Washing your skin gently and avoiding wearing makeup to bed are important things to do every day. Also keeping yourself and your body hydrated will keep your skin hydrated as well. And using gentle, naturally derived products with skin-benefiting properties and ingredients will keep your skin looking its best from the inside out.

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