5 Ways To Avoid Skin Damage While Wearing Face Masks

One of the most common complaints surrounding face masks in public settings is that  it can cause significant skin damage. However, protecting yourself and those around you is more than worthwhile. Especially if you’re caring for your skin at the same time! With these 5 simple tips, you can feel confident that you’re keeping everyone else safe while protecting your skin.


1) Wash your mask frequently!

The most effective but most overlooked method of minimizing skin damage is by frequently washing your mask. In general, your face is covered in plenty of natural oils that cause acne when they build up. These natural oils get trapped in the mask and can cause breakouts wherever the mask touches. If you tend to sweat in your mask, the chances of acne, dry skin or other skin damage is higher. Remember though, cotton masks can be reused but surgical masks should have only one use! Reused surgical masks cannot be properly cleaned, making them less effective over time. Having more than one mask allows you to wear a fresh mask every day of the week.

By washing your mask after each use, you can reduce the chance of your mask causing skin damage. Meanwhile, you’re still keeping yourself, and everyone around you, safe!

2) Use the right type of mask.

Using the right type of mask is important for preventing skin damage. First and foremost is choosing the material. Polyester or silk masks do not breathe as well as coton masks and are more susceptible to oil build up. For a breathable fabric that won’t cause irritation, make sure to look for cotton masks. Plus, if you have difficulty breathing in masks, cotton is much easier to breathe through than other materials.

Furthermore, remember not to wear a mask that is too loose or too tight. Many masks are one-size-fits-all, but require some help to fit-all properly. Finding a snug, comfortable fit is the best way to avoid skin damage.

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3) Rubbing your face can cause skin damage.

Unfortunately, masks are not made to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This means that rubbing and irritation are inevitable. As bothersome as a mask might be, be mindful not to frequently rub your face. Rubbing your face, especially through a face mask, can cause unfortunate skin damage. Rubbing your skin through a course material like cotton can cause skin damage from irritated skin to peeling. Instead, if your mask is bothering you, excuse yourself to somewhere you can remove it for a moment. Splash water on your face, pat dry with a paper towel or cloth, and use a new mask if possible.

Is your skin damage caused by dryness? Take Rose Water Facial Mist with you so that you can refresh your face throughout the day for immediate dry skin relief!

4) Wash your face at the start and end of each day!

Letting natural oils build up is the number one cause of skin damage. Don’t let oil or dry skin from the night before get caught in your mask for the entire day. Before you put your mask on, always wash and moisturize your face first. This way you are putting a fresh face into a fresh mask! Similar idea at the end of the day. Right when you get home, you should be cleaning your face immediately! This helps to  remove the oils, dirt, and germs that have built up under or around your mask. Additionally, it will help you feel fresh from a long day of wearing your snug cotton mask. Feeling comfortable and fresh around home is just as attractive as feeling comfortable and fresh during the day!

5) Use Vaseline to prevent skin damage.

Petroleum jelly is excellent for preventing chafing/peeling of the lips or cheek bones. Quite simply, before you put on your mask, use the petroleum jelly on your lips and cheek bones to prevent chafing. Already experiencing chafing? This trick can still help minimize the irritation and prevent further skin damage from occurring.

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