3 Beauty & Skincare Trends To Look Out For In 2022

2022 is the year that beauty and skincare trends are moving away from cakey-makeup and corrective techniques. This is the year of taking care of the whole body and building beauty from within. It is no more just about full coverage foundation and contouring. Nor, is it about weight loss to achieve size zero. Instead, the focus has shifted towards healthy glow and beauty from within. 

The beauty industry is recognizing that all skin tones and all body shapes are beautiful on their own, without the need of extreme industrial techniques to change what one is born with. 

This is why I’m excited to write today’s post because this is the year of celebrating who you are!  So let’s get started…

Trend # 1: Skin Care From Within

We read this again and again that we are what we eat.  Due to research and awareness, people have started to consciously repair and improve their skin through what they eat.  Some common practices for this trend are:

  • Drinking celery juice to reduce inflammation.
  • Drinking Turmeric milk to heal from within.
  • Eating fresh produce light beetroots, kale, carrots etc. to improve anemia.
  • And the list goes on…

Nevertheless, the trend that has remarkably picked up speed is the focus on collagen. Research shows that collagen can both reduce body aches, as well as improve skin elasticity. One observation is on how East Asian cultures drink bone broth regularly; which is a rich source of collagen. East Asians are known to be stronger in older ages and have plumper skin. This has convinced the majority to hop onto this trend. 

If you are looking for a great quality Collagen powder, the Dermaniche’s Pure Collagen Powder is both affordable and effective. According to Dermaniche, their Pure Collagen Powder for skin works by improving and boosting your body’s collagen production. And that, in turn, results in healthier skin that looks and feels young and fresh as well as a host of other anti-aging benefits.

If you still need a reason to start taking Collagen in your diet, here are the key benefits from its intake:

  • Improved skin health
  • Relieves joint pains
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Boosts muscle mass
  • Promotes heart health
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps nail and hair growth

Overall, focusing on improving what you put in your body will result in healthier and glowing skin, hair and nails for you. 

Trend #2: Beauty Oils

Big box retailers like Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, and Ulta Beauty, are now carrying Beauty Oils. This product has quickly become the go-to skin cleansers and moisturizers. You can easily find beauty oils at many price points, and choose as per your need. 

The myth that oils are only for dry skin and can clog pores has been proven wrong. Ancient Egyptians kept their skin vibrant and flawless with Moringa Oil. Asians used Coconut oil and Almond oil for their soft skins. And this traditional beauty secret is making a pretty big comeback right now. In fact, according to top dermatologists, beauty oils may be that missing step in your beauty routine.

If you are still not sure why you should use a beauty oil in your regime, let these reasons convince you to change your mind:

  • Beauty oils can calm down rashes, as they may have anti-inflammatory properties. Argan oil is the star of this property. 
  • Beauty oils can reduce your wrinkles. Grape seed oil works wonders for this. 
  • Beauty oils can shrink enlarged pores by drawing out dirt from pores. Pure high quality Jojoba oil is well known for this. 
  • Beauty oils can be the perfect primer for makeup. Pure oils like mandarin oil can plump the skin and prep it for makeup application. 
  • Beauty oils are good for dry skin. This is not news. We know already how coconut oil or almond oil can work wonders on dry cracked skin. 
  • Beauty oils can banish acne. Tea Tree Oil is well known for its amazing acne fighting properties.

If you are looking for an all in one oil, I recommend Dermaniche’s Saffron Facial Beauty Oil. This saffron oil for skin contains natural plant extracts that leave skin looking younger and blemish-free. It is both anti-aging and anti-inflammatory which will leave you wrinkle-free, while also diminishing puffiness from your face.

Generally, I believe that due to the beauty oil’s multipurpose usage, it has become a quick favorite for people who want to spend less, and juggle fewer products. 

Trend #3: Skin Care As Masks

A viral trend on Tiktok shows how many influencers have started to experiment and discover multiple uses of a singular product. One such trend that has gained much hype is the concept of using a skin care product as a facial mask. 

Now you would ask, why would you want to do that?

The concept is that instead of just using your cleanser, moisturizer or cream as a single layer on your skin, you can instead put it on thickly as a facial mask, and let it work its wonder. This idea is especially appealing to those who do not want to spend extra on overnight masks, or a new moisturizing mask.

How would you actually practice this trend?

Start with taking your favorite cream/lotion consistency facial beauty product, and apply in a thick layer on your face and neck. Leave it one as long as you want. In most cases, you should only need to use a facial cloth or a water rinse to take off any product that was not already absorbed in your skin. End result? You are left with super soft and glowing skin. 

If you want to make this technique work as an overnight mask, make sure to give yourself ample time between layering on the product on your skin, and when you actually lie down to sleep. You may want to wipe off any excess with a beauty cloth, or sleep with a towel on your pillow. 

Also, as with any other suggestion that I may give you, I have already tried this trend and am a huge fan! I see better results from the same products that I already owned. 

If you are looking for a great quality product to try this trend, I suggest the Dermaniche’s Age Defying Formula. This product soothes skin for a firm, hydrated and flawless face. It is formulated to help fight skin damage such as acne, eczema and scarring so you can defy your age.

Now that I have shared the 3 trends that are becoming popular in 2022, tell me which one are you going to try first? 

About Author

Qurrat Izzat is always exploring treatments, products and routines that can resolve skin concerns. She writes about beauty from the perspective of having healthy skin which glows. Her experience comes from combating youth acne, discoloration, scarring, adult acne, hormonal acne and skin aging. She uses her first-hand knowledge of beauty products and treatments to help her readers, with focus on natural ingredients. She also writes about beauty on her blog Quezzlifestyle.  And is now sharing her passion of healthy glow by writing for Dermaniche.com


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